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Track Trek Website

#branding #ui #ux #webflow build

tracktrek.webflow.iothumb of track trek website design

AStudio Website

#branding #ui #ux #webflow build

astudio.webflow.iothumb of AStudio website design

Sweet House Website

#branding #ui #ux #webflow build

sweet-house.webflow.iothumb of Sweet House real estate platform website design

Plants app design

#ui #ux

thumb of Plants app design

M I N + Ecommerce Website

#branding #ui #ux

thumb of M I N + furniture e-commerce site design

About my expertise

In the past few years, I am always helping small to medium size business owners to enhance their brand value and attract their audiences. With the help of no-code/CMS Webflow and powerful integrations, I can design and build the website/MVP prototype quickly and seamlessly. In my mind, the design is not only pretty but also should be valuable and functional. I trust the power of collaboration.
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What I often help with

Web/e-commerce site design&build

Whether you have a stable business, the old website design is not enough for business thriving, or you have a new business need a website&ecommerce site. I can help to design or revamp your website which visually appealing and responsive on desktop, tablet, mobile platforms. Mobile is becoming more and more important at this age.

Web MVP design&build and living prototype

Due to the no-code design tool Webflow platform and other powerful integrations(Memberstack, MailChimp, Zapier, Zoho, etc), I can make a functional website for the start stage of your product. You don’t need to invest big cost and find group developers to build initial MVP for several months to start your business idea. We can find the proper tools kit to achieve the initial business goal. Life is short. Let's move quickly.

Mobile app design

Mobile app for iOS and Android platforms are another important part of the internet. The more and more competitive apps come to the market every day, we need to understand user’s needs more preciously. We can design the new app together to meet the goal of users and win the business.

Email template design

Although we have many social media ways to promote business now, email still is an efficient way to build sales funnel with high conversion rates and successful customer relationships. The appeal email design is part of branding as well. I can design and build email templates in MailChimp, etc for your business purpose.

Branding design

Every business needs a unique branding experience to stand out and impress audiences. Branding is not only a logo. It needs a consistent appearance for the whole process, from social media, email template to a website, etc. Let’s work together to make your brand to enhance your business value.

And more....

I am always curious about the new fields, digital marketing, product design, side projects... have some nice ideas or just want to connect, feel free to contact me design@johnnygu.com :)

Tools I often use

The proper tools with creative solutions will lead to successful results also will save the design and development time. Let's use the right tools to save your treasure time.Want to make something bigger? Keep scrolling


Webflow is a thriving CMS (Content Management System) platform. More and more companies agencies like NASA, IDEO, DELL, etc start using it in their design process, because of its flexible and quick development. And it's very easy to maintain the site, and more stable.


Memberstack is an integration to give your site the functions of membership, subscription, and payments. We can build member-only sites, dashboards, web apps with help of Memberstack.


Zapier is a service that lets non-technical folks configure sophisticated integrations between the apps they use, and automate the workflows they do every day. A Zapier App is a way for you to make your API available to the Zapier platform, accessible by millions of users, and able to connect with hundreds of other applications, instantly.


Figma is a similar tool like sketch, both of them are famous in the interactive design field. Compare with Sketch, Figma is more cloud-platform. Design online, corporate online. It's convenient to share and discuss the design detail from the beginning.


Sketch is a famous tool in the interactive design industry. Many designers and companies are using it as the main tool for their projects.


Adobe is a big player in the design field. It has many famous products. Photoshop is the all known part. With the right tool, we can make a creative result.

And more....

Webflow + Rich amount integrations provide possibilities and potentials for creative solutions.I am curious about the new field From design to build, we can find the right tools and solutions to meet your project requirements.

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